ISN Technology Stainless Steel Supply

 ISN Technology Stainless Steel Containers


 Stainless steel Tables – technical catalog

 Stainless steel Drawers – technical catalog

 Stainless steel Shelves – technical catalog

 Stainless steel Sinks – technical catalog

 Stainless steel Lockers, Wardrobe and cupboards – technical catalog

 Stainless steel wall units – technical catalog


Cabinets with tilting doors – scheme

Stainless steel Lockers, Wardrobes and cupboards – technical catalog

Lockers, Wardrobes and cupboards for sterile areas

Drawers – technical catalog

Hand sinks

Sinks – technical catalog

Multi-function sinks

Stainless steel Shelves


Wall units

 Stainless steel shelving

 ISN GN-INOX Shelving

Stainless steel tables – technical catalog

Cabinet table for format change

Perforated tables

Basic weighing tables

Double weighing tables


Safety box pallets

 Stainless steel Pallets

Stainless steel Clinc pallets

Basic transpallet dimensions

Large lift tranpsallet dimension

WTP Weighing transpallet dimensions

Stainless steel tool for maintenance

Containers in stainless steel AISI 304

Containers in Stainless steel AISI 316

 Bowls in stainless steel

 Stainless steel trolleys

Stainless steel mesh baskets

Stainless steel waste containers

Stainless steel dispenser

Stainless steel rectangular containers

Stainless steel funnels

Buckets in stainless steel AISI 304

Stainless steel Scoops

Stainless steel sieves

Stainless steel Spoons

Stainless steel ladles

Stainless steel spatulas

Hand sterilizers

Containers for inflammable liquids

Process tank technical drawing

Steril Bottle

Steril Bottles – Connections

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